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Empowerment & education programs

Empowerment programs:
Unemployment is one of the burning issue among youth, displaced people, refugees and vulnerable women. Due to lack of right skills, people are unable to utilize the available local resources. Our projects expand opportunities through education, entrepreneurship, and vocational training. We provide women, IDP and refugees with the knowledge and skills to earn an income and lift themselves and their families out of poverty.
By providing networking opportunities, mentoring, access to information and credit, and business management training, we foster environments where vulnerable people can advocate for improved policies.

Educational support programs
In 2013-2014 Pekawa staff members had created a complete project to help internally displace people that have sought refuge schools in Aleppo.
Two schools selected were in an area in the out skirts of Aleppo. The schools were inhabited by IDPs since the summer of 2012 and had around 500 IDPs that consist 140 families.
Civil works, humanitarian Assistance and educational programs were carried out to help the communities living in the schools. The main aid was through:
A total of 350 students 60% of those students were IDPS actually living in the schools and 40% were IDPS living in the area in tents/ unfinished houses.

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