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Community civil work

Community Construction

We work together with communities to meet their long term needs by rebuilding the basic “hubs”of a community, including shelters, homes, schools, day care facilities, and community centres.

Underprivileged and often rural communities do not have proper or sufficient housing. We can help with building roofs and walls, painting, and installation of housing components.

Water and Sanitation
Every day adults and children all over the world suffer from illnesses associated with poor hygiene and unsafe water. Inadequate sanitation facilities and clean sources of water is an urgent global issue that must be addressed. we can venture out into villages and help construct toilets from scratch, dig holes for sanitation structures, build clean drinking water storage units, and assemble water tanks for rainwater collection.

Building Schools
Children living in impoverished areas are being denied access to a quality education because their communities do not have schools, or if there are schools these schools are in a shoddy state. We can help perform critical school repairs or assist with the construction of brand new classrooms.

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