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Who We Are

Pekawa humanitarian and environmental development organization is a non-governmental, non- political, and an independent community based Organization. The organisation is committed to promoting community participation and sustainable development to improve the socio-economic, health and environmental status of the most disadvantaged in society especially women, children and youth.


Pekawa is committed to the development of targeted communities by promoting and implementing diverse projects regarding socio-economic, education, health and environmental protection across the middle east. We focus on making local communities work together and cooperatively for changes that improve their lives and environment.

Through our local partnerships, community engagement and action projects we engage international actors to join us in developing and supporting programs to emancipate and empower those most vulnerable and excluded, and to improve living standards and surrounding environmental conditions in communities.


To develop communities where individuals are given the tools and opportunities to build positive futures for themselves and for those around them.


  • To break the cycle of dependency so common across the development world 
  • To initiate bottom up change through capacity building and by empowering individuals to become independent and fully self-reliant.
  • To preserve integrity and dignity at all times and to support our target groups to help themselves.


Clean energy environmental program

Promotion of environmental protection by means of implementation of renewable energy technologies (using wind, solar, biomass energy, etc.) and energy savings; and by implementing environmental and health awareness programs.
We target clean energy markets to help develop communities and expand modern energy services and improve lives; increase prosperity and economic dynamism; and reduce CO2 emissions.

Empowerment & educational programs

Unemployment is one of the burning issue among youth, displaced people, refugees and vulnerable women. Due to lack of right skills, people are unable to utilize the available local resources. Our projects expand opportunities through education, entrepreneurship, and vocational training. We provide women, IDP and refugees with the knowledge and skills to earn an income and lift themselves and their families out of poverty.
By providing networking opportunities, mentoring, access to information and credit, and business management training, we foster environments where vulnerable people can advocate for improved policies.

Humanitarian and emergency aid

Provide IDP and refugee families with winterization items and food kits based on need.

Community Construction

We work together with communities to meet their longer term needs by rebuilding the basic “hubs” of a community, including shelters, homes, schools, day care facilities, and community centres.

Underprivileged and often rural communities do not have proper or sufficient housing. We can help with building roofs and walls, painting, and installation of housing components. Lack of standard housing is a major global issue, and volunteers are needed to assist communities who do not have access to the resources and teams necessary to banish this problem. Apart from helping these communities, as a building volunteer you will also pick up some useful skills along the way.

Water and Sanitation
Every day adults and children all over the world suffer from illnesses associated with poor hygiene and unsafe water. Inadequate sanitation facilities and clean sources of water is an urgent global issue that must be addressed. we can venture out into villages and help construct toilets from scratch, dig holes for sanitation structures, build clean drinking water storage units, and assemble water tanks for rainwater collection.

Building Schools
Children living in impoverished areas are being denied access to a quality education because their communities do not have schools, or if there are schools these schools are in a shoddy state. We can help perform critical school repairs or assist with the construction of brand new classrooms.

Our environment has been experiencing intense pressure from human activity, and citizens worldwide are becoming increasingly concerned with sustainability. We contribute to the livelihood of communities by promoting ecotourism, which could entail building and maintaining park trails.


  • To provide environmental, health protection and responsible waste management through education, community engagement and action projects
  • Enhancing Employability through Vocational and Skill Development. 
  • Respond to the needs of communities impacted by the immediate devastation from war conflicts taking place in the region.
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