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WASH in Schools

Aim of the project: 

The project aims to Support vulnerable farmers through agricultural inputs/kits, capacity building and cash for work schemes to revitalize food production, livelihoods and income in Diyala Governorate. 

For this purpose, an assessment is being conducted for the Identification of beneficiaries for agriculture inputs distribution and Cash-for-work as well to identify damaged agriculture infrastructures to be rehabilitated through cash for work.


The governorate of Diyala is known for its agricultural nature where the three targeted districts of Khanikeen, Bladroz, and Khalez are known for their agricultural inputs. The main source of income for the three targeted districts is farming. The districts Khanekeen and Khales are known for growing wheat and vegetable such as cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants. While The district of Bladroz is notorious for wheat growing.




  • 4072 surveys were conducted out of which 2811 surveys for farming inputs and 1261 surveys for CFW. In total 898 woman were selected which is 28% of to selected beneficiaries
  • 11 villages were identified in Diyala
  • 2400 beneficiaries were selected for d agricultural impute depending on the FAO criteria selection of which of 761 identified household woman.
  • 800 beneficiaries were identified for CFW project
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