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Helping internal displaced people in Aleppo

In 2013 Pekawa staff members volunteered to help internally displace people that have sought refuge schools in Aleppo.

Two schools selected were in an area in the out skirts of Aleppo. In total the schools were inhabited by IDPs since the summer of 2012 and had around 500 IDPs that consist 140 families.

Assistance and programs implemented in schools hosting IPS in Aleppo. 2013-2015.

  1. Infrastructure & construction:
    1. Fixing the sanitarian units in the school, fixing water supply pipes and supplying water tanks
    2. Fixing electrical installation to provide lighting to the school and rooms
  2. Establishing educational support program for the IDP children:
    The program taught a total of 125 students 60% of those students were IDPS actually living in the school and 40% were IDPS living in the area in tents/ unfinished houses
    1. Preparing 4 classroom areas for each school for teaching purposes, where desks, whiteboards and chairs were fixed and supplied. 
    2. Recruiting teachers to teach the IDP students
    3. Providing school books, notebooks and stationary for free
  3. Healthcare for Idps within the schools:
    1. Contacting and cooperating with local NGOs and the local health department to provide doctors to visit the school 1 a week. 
    2. Donating medicine and working with several local NGOs to supply the school with necessary medicine and vaccines. 
    3. Creating a 1 room clinic within the school, where medicine is kept and patients are treated.
  4. Food meals:
    A driver is assigned to transport Lunch and 300 bundles of bread every day from a local NGO charity kitchen which is 20km away to the schools area.

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